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Welcome to Club's contact page for ventures

  1. Founding Team: having at least one woman in the founding team with a relevant equity %

  2. Technology: developing a technology that helps human beings and our planet live in a more sustainable way

  3. Location: mainly focus on Europe, but also assessing opportunities from other geographical regions

  4. Level of development: the sweet spot consists in early commercial traction (the first commercial customers signed and engaged). If your venture has not yet convinced the first commercial customers, you should have a very well detailed trial customers feedback

  5. Industry agnostic

  6. Sweet money previously invested (from family, friend, founders’ money, and greatly, grants)

  7. Company: no more than 3 years old

  8. Team: core expertise in the area, serial entrepreneurs (ideally)

  9. Not interested in: early MVP stage, marketplaces, technology without a (very) clear positive impact over the society and planet, or teams where founders are not 100% committed of their time to the venture, startups imposing their own SPV to join in (we create our own SPV)

  10. Current round of investment: secured min. 50% of the round before engaging any discussion with us

In case your venture validates the above investment criteria, apply to start the deal process by sending your pitch deck at

Please go through our detailed investment criteria and drop us a line in case there is a match

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