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25 full-time jobs

This is what our angel investors invested in the first year of existence. Those funds will help to create a more purpose-driven world by supporting technology that matters


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"From the beginning, the investment process led by WIT Angels was characterized by smoothness and efficiency. WIT Angels’ focus on the core aspects of our business, coupled with a genuine eagerness to foster our growth, was not only impressive but also encouraging. This approach instilled a great sense of confidence in us about the future of Adapta Robotics.


A standout aspect of our collaboration was the due diligence phase. The swiftness with which it was conducted, without sacrificing thoroughness, is a testament to WIT Angels team's expertise and professionalism. It allowed us to maintain our momentum and focus on our strategic objectives without any undue delays.


Additionally, the structure of communication with WIT Angels was particularly noteworthy. Despite the involvement of multiple individual investors, having a single point of contact streamlined our interactions and made the process much more manageable and effective. This aspect of our collaboration was particularly appreciated, as it simplified complexities that are often inherent in such processes.


As we look forward to the future, we are excited about the prospects of scaling our business. With WIT Angels' continued support and guidance, we are confident that Adapta Robotics will reach new heights. We are eager to embark on this journey of growth and innovation, strengthened by a partnership that is rooted in mutual respect and a shared vision for success”



CEO Adapta Robotics

"We are grateful to have met the WIT Angel Club. We encountered a transparent, friendly, timely, and diligent process with the investment team. Within six weeks of pitching to the club for the first time, we managed to receive the club's blessing and finalize all the paperwork required.


The entire process took around six weeks, and the team of WIT Angels was kind, professional, and supportive throughout the entire engagement.


I wish all investors had such a respectful attitude to start-ups/portfolio companies”



"The main characteristic of having WIT Angels on the cap table lies in the profile of the investors and the proximity the investment team has with their investors from the very beginning. The benefits of this immediate proximity are numerous: simplicity, very concise and rapid alignment process.


This aspect combined with high transparency across the overall communications allowed us to quickly adapt to any roadblock we encountered throughout the investment process.


Thanks to WIT Angels for their commitment and support”


Béatrice LEDUBY

CEO Deki


Adriana GOGONEL, CEO Statinf, shared her perspective over the collaboration with WIT Angels Club


If you are a Tech with Purpose entrepreneur who cares about the impact your ideas bring to the society and our Planet, then there is a match.

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