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Tel Aviv, Israel

The startup is the result of 4 years of R&D in the field of wound dressing for post-operation breast recovery. The startup aims to become a worldwide reference for wound dressing of all post-operation procedures.


EZbra’s bra enable women suffering from breast surgeries to have access to wearable solution adapted to their breast: sterile post-bra, single-use, adjustable and elegantly wearable bra. 


With IP patent granted worldwide for device’s structure & mechanism addressing a variety of body parts, EZbra developed all-in-one medical bra. The product reduces recovery room time with focus on patient satisfaction and independency. Based on its IP and know-how, it aims to develop medical devices for any post-op wound.


The startup is actively looking for commercial partners to expand its geographical footprint and enable more and more women to get access to their innovative medical products.


Amongst the latest achievements, EZbra signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Alpha Medical Solutions Pty Ltd in Australia!

For more information, please read start-up’s website:









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