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Delaware, USA

Pluria is a remote & hybrid work solution that helps companies to recruit teams and develop businesses beyond borders, without worrying for a fixed office. One subscription, thousands of desks and meeting rooms in LATAM & Europe (Colombia, Mexic, Brazil, Perú, Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria).


Hybrid work is becoming the predominant workplace policy in organizations globally. From the continuous fight between in-office vs. remote, hybrid is emerging as the potential winner, being the preferred choice of 80% of the global workforce (*Accenture, McKisney).


Additionally, distributed network of spaces also translates this into carbon footprint reduction. Instead of spending half an hour in a car to get to the main headquarters, employees can actually just walk or take a bicycle to a co-working space near home. So, to an extent, it can also be a CSR-type of activity for companies.


Pluria has a great talent founding team and has developed a technology with positive impact for our Planet.

Fore more information, please read start-up’s website:









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