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Delaware, USA

Vitract is a B2B2C Canada-based pioneering the integration of AI with gut microbiome research, offering a gut test for healthcare providers.


By combining AI-driven insights, braining health biomarkers and analysing relative abundances of bacteria in the sample, the startup aims to generate recommendations for diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes, providing insights and actionable steps into digestive, metabolic, and brain health.


Vitract pairs gut microbiome technology with personalized nutrition to improve digestive health, metabolism, immunity, and mental wellness.


Vitract aims to offer AI-driven gut test for healthcare providers including brain health biomarkers and bacteria abundances, personalized recommendations for diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes, and more globally, health spectrum coverage to reveal symptoms and actionable steps for improvement.


Their flagship test is now being sold in 45+ clinics after only 4 months of launch. They have buy-in from industry veterans, educational institutions, and large clinics. In a few short months since launching, they’ve grown from white-labelling a display platform to building from scratch their own test layout and platform.

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