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What future are

you investing in?

Looking to invest in impact innovation and be part of the technology revolution that shapes our lives?

Developing technology with purpose with a positive impact for the society and planet?


Women members







Who are we?


We are an all-female angel investment club dedicated to addressing the gender diversity gap in innovation.

We unlock the full potential of women angel investors, guiding them in making intelligent and purpose-driven investments in technology they passionately believe in.

Through expert advice and collaboration, we accompany them on every step of the investment journey, transforming vision into action and passion into impact.

With an investment team based in Paris (France) and Bucharest (Romania), the Club accompanies the investors throughout the whole investment process, from sourcing investment opportunities to negotiating the investment terms.

Most of the investors of the Club are courageous first-time investors. Therefore, the learning journey is fundamental. The Club has defined a learning path including both “learning by doing” and exposure to investment professionals to learn from the best.

Our members are C-level executives, board members, entrepreneurs, or hold management roles across international organizations and various geographies. This rich network of contacts is a valuable asset for members and portfolio startups alike to tap into.

Post-investment commitment is part of our Club’s mission: to help its ventures to grow and shine. On a quarterly basis, investors are informed about startups’ achievements and are requested to get involved when their help is needed.


How do we help women becoming angel investors?

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We are an investment team committed to create a bridge between women, investment and technology

Women have less investment knowledge and are less confident about investing than men. Together, we can learn to become experienced angel investors and be part of the technology revolution that shapes our lives.





Looking for women angel investors on your cap table?

Our angel investors are committed investors ready to share their network and knowledge with their ventures. With an international community of members, the Club can be a valuable asset on your growth path.

Become a member of WIT Angels Club!

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